Portrait Photography Tampa

My passion is to help women see themselves how the rest of the world sees them.

– Cami Bauman

Every step of your experience has been designed intentionally to make you feel comfortable and included in the process. Here’s what you can expect when we work together.


Portrait Consultation

Building your trust in me and my process starts with our first meeting. If possible, I like to schedule these meetings in person at my intimate studio, taking into account all precautionary measures for social distancing. If you’re uncomfortable with meeting in person, we can also schedule a virtual consultation. However you choose to meet, we will discuss your goals, the logistics of your shoot, and go over every aspect of your experience from wardrobe and makeup to your day-of schedule, so that you know what to expect. If you have any questions, I will take the time to answer each of them until you feel completely comfortable and excited about your shoot. We’ll also go over your client welcome packet and schedule your wardrobe consultation and shoot day.



You’ll come back to the studio for your wardrobe consultation, usually scheduled for 1 -2 weeks before your shoot to give you time to shop if desired. You’ll have the opportunity to explore my extensive wardrobe and try on anything you choose, so we can develop a clear vision for what you’d like to be photographed in.


Shoot Day

Your shoot day is just that: yours. We’re on your time and we will make sure you’re completely comfortable, confident and excited. First, you’ll meet with your hair and makeup artist and decide on your look. Afterwards, we’ll meet privately to ensure you are completely comfortable and excited about your look. 

Then, we’ll start shooting! Like a celebrity magazine shoot, your shoot will usually last about 2 – 3 hours, with 4 – 5 wardrobe changes. That said, everyone needs time to loosen up and feel comfortable so you should never feel there is a clock running or a timeline you have to hit. We want to feel free of pressure and tension so your true self will shine through in your images.

You’ll get a few sneak peeks at the back of the camera, but I’ll save most of it so as not to ruin your reveal session.

Cami Bauman portrait photography in Tampa Bay


Edit & Reveal

After I have edited your images, I will print the enlarged images, mat them and display them on my gallery wall for you to see. When you first come in, I’ll have them covered and we’ll spend a little time together talking about your experience and expectations. 

Then, I’ll reveal the gallery and you’ll get to explore your images for the first time. You can take your time reviewing and sorting them to put together your selections. 

Each image is ready to be framed, and I will not send you home with an image you are not satisfied with, so we can discuss any further editing or notes you may have. Once you’re happy with your collection, I’ll wrap it carefully for you to bring home and enjoy the experience of opening it again with your loved ones.

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