My clients are tired of spending tons of money on stuff for the nursery that doesn’t really matter.  In the end, much of the stuff is just a waste of money that could be saved instead (cuz, you know – babies are expensive!) That’s why I put together this list of 5 must have items to decorate your nursery so that you can have a beautiful and functional nursery with beautiful memories to admire while spending countless hours every day and night in the most important room in the house.  Put the money you save on the other unnecessary stuff in a savings account for your baby. This is the stuff that matters, baby!  You will never regret investing in these 5 must have items for your nursery.

  1. Furniture:  crib, changing table and rocker/glider:  Ok, so these are no-brainers.  Obviously having a bed for your baby to sleep in is probably at the very top of your list.  Exactly why it’s on the must have list.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact – you’ll want to focus on safety and the ability to convert the crib to a toddler bed.  A two-fer if you will.  Changing table – uh, I don’t need to explain the importance of this part of the nursery, do I?  It will tie into the fourth item though so pay attention (wink).  Also, you WILL be spending a million hours feeding and rocking your newborn to sleep so get yourself a comfy rocking chair or a glider.  It will change your life.  Spending hours in the same chair day in and day out…think about it.  This is something to invest in.  Don’t get the cheapest thing or you’ll end up spending more money on cushions and extra padding.
  2. Bedding:  Newborns sleep a lot.  Like, a lot. 18-hours-a-day-a-lot.  You want your bambino to be comfy and cozy, yes?  The more comfy and cozy the better the odds of them getting good sleep. Many different kinds of sheets but here are 2 of my personal favorites:  A simple organic cotton is wonderful (no chemicals used and less of an impact on the environment).  There’s also cotton jersey which is knitted instead of woven and is very soft. Can’t go wrong with either of these.
  3. Blackout curtains:  If you forget this one, it won’t take you long to realize it.  Blinds don’t often do the trick so do yourself a favor and just get some cheaper blackout curtains you can mount to an inner rod so they can be pushed out of the way (behind the matching bedding curtains) when your wee-one isn’t sleeping.  But trust me.  This is a must have and truly a very low-cost investment. 
  4. Custom wooden name:  Ok, so not a necessity but still a must have.  This adds such a personal touch to your baby’s room.  Although I really love the beautiful cursive ones that look pretty by the chandelier and ruffles etc. – get plain block letters instead.  This is so as your baby grows and is learning their name and learning letters, you can use them (above the changing table) to point to the letters and say their name out loud.  Consider it a learning tool!
  5. Maternity portrait wall art:  What better decor than professional wall art portraits of mama with a bun in the oven! Not only will it be comforting for your baby to see pictures of mom (and dad) on their wall but it will also be a glimpse of the world while baby was growing in your belly and the love you felt at that time.  Once baby has made their arrival, it is so easy to forget the 9 months it took creating this sweet little bundle of joy so be sure you get some professional portraits taken to show baby how beautiful their mama was during this most important time.  Don’t forget, these are memories that will be treasured by your child once they grow up (but you can’t go back in time, you only have one opportunity to take them!).  Another reason to do maternity portraits?  Mom-to-be DESERVES it!  You need all the pampering and feeling beautiful that you can get! Soak it up before baby’s arrival!
Wishing you a beautiful pregnancy full of good memories (and feeling good about the tough times that you will overcome – yes, pregnancy can have some not so fabulous times too) that you will share with your baby someday. Much love!

Cami Bauman

Hi I’m Cami Bauman, a contemporary portrait photographer who works in the greater Tampa Bay area. My passion and purpose in life is to help women rediscover themselves through capturing heirloom quality images that will stand the test of time.

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